Current Projects

After living in a closet for a bit, it was time to bring this guy back to service.

The neck angle needed to be reset back a few degrees until this straight edge which is running along the frets, would connect to the top of the bridge.

I intended to loosen the fingerboard tongue until I could remove the neck in one piece, however at the time this guitar was made the building sequence was a little altered. It looks like the top was put on before the fingerboard!!

The fingerboard tongue set aside until reassembly.

Time to calculate exactly how much the neck needs to be modified.

After exposing the top of the dovetail, the neck is removed. About a 1/16 was removed from the neck face at bottom of the heel - tapered to "0" at the fingerboard. As the dovetail is now "pulled" away from the body at the heel, a .010 shim is glued and trimmed at the bottom of the dovetail faces.

After the requisite fussing duration, the neck is reglued to the body at the new angle.

The fingerboard tongue is now reset, edges cleaned up.

The single bar fret at the 12th is reset and aligned. Strung up witth silk and bronze...sounds great!!

Action is just fine, but now the worn and pitted frets up at the first position (1, 2, and 3) reveal some buzzing due to the low toleramce on the treble side. Bass side is perfect.

Time to pull the old back smack together.

Stitched back together, but no polishing or finish has been applied yet.

Bridge was resurfaced and set into place.

Once the action came down with the neck reset, the wear on he bar frets was revealed. In order to solve this, the frets were removed and reset about .020's higher and reground and polished.

New bone saddle gets fitted.

And compensated.

And compensated.

And we are done. Strung with silk and bronze. Sounds fantastic.